Why Cactus Performance?

Because you need a prepared team that understands the Brazilian market. We are ready to meet any demand and maximize your results.


Brazilian team

We are located in Brazil and we have a team that speaks the language of its audience and is passionate about what it does.

Prepared Team

We have been working in the Brazilian market for 6 years with specialized service. We work providing active and passive callcenter. We have the best solution to serve you.

Focus on Performance

We do work totally focused on maximizing our client's results. We have a team fully dedicated to increasing retention and recovering inactive users. 


Media Buying
Experience combined with a passionate testing team, we optimize every element and step of the funnel, in order to maximize the result.

Foco em  Influencers

We manage campaigns using Digital Influencers. After much testing we identified the best way to work with this type of audience. 

delivering actions that strengthen the brand while delivering real results.